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About us


Welcome to the “Con due mani” shop!

Our small artisan reality was born from the idea that the passion for handmade items can be made available to all those people who wish to reconnect with the little things, perceive new and ancient sensations related to colors and scents, to make our own home, office and everything around us a unique experience.

Our handcrafted products are born from a timeless style that constitutes the value of the Italian tradition. Aromatic candles, vegetable soaps and original centerpieces can also be the perfect gift for yourself, loved ones, friends and colleagues on any special occasion.



All of our aromatic candles are entirely handmaded, created with great attention to detail, using certified high-melting wax (melts above 70°). The essences and materials are an Italian production of the highest quality, the wick is 100% pure cotton and all this allows to obtain a precious object, long lasting and free of toxic residues when burned.

Our candles are an essential accessory for those who want to give their home an exclusive and personal touch with an object of unique and unrepeatable shape. They gives style to our rooms and they become a piece of furniture to enhance any environment.

The candles give "colour" to the space. Imagine coming back after a long day at work, the lights are still off and a light perfume envelops you. It immediately lets you know that you are at home, that you are ready to take back your world by creating a pleasant environments of sensations that belong to us and complete us. 



We decided to call ourselves “Con due Mani” because we believe that the hands are the first wonderful tool thanks to which work we can communicate unique sensations.

Through their hands, artists of all times have forged and left their mark. Hands that even if we do not realize it communicate something about us. As the ancient Greek philosopher Anaxagoras said "Man is intelligent thanks to his hands."

And from here we start ... with this site that allows us to create a direct line between artisans and possible buyers. Your shopping will thus always be a simple, fun and relaxing experience of discovery!